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Concrete Cutting in Brisbane

Proper concrete cutting demands precision and expert manoeuvring of high-quality equipment. Our team of trained concrete cutters can work on any concrete cutting project to ensure exact cuts are made at the exact depth. 

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  • Fully insured with public liability and workers compensation policies
  • Personalised service creating a relationship with our clients
  • Over 10 years industry experience
  • Fully equipped to service any sized project
  • Competitive pricing to suit most budgets
  • We guarantee our work
  • Environmentally and safety compliant
  • We specialise in internal fume-free cutting
  • Experienced in the petroleum and supermarket industries
  • Fast and free no obligation quotes

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SEQ Concrete Cutting in Brisbane

SEQ Concrete Cutting should be your first choice when you’re looking for a local Brisbane concrete cutting solution. Having been in operation for ten years, our qualified, hands-on and expert knowledge of concrete cutting and drilling is immense. You can trust us to provide your business with quality diamond core drilling, hydraulic and high-frequency sawing and chainsawing services – to mention a few.
Diamond Core Drilling
Our diamond core drilling penetrates through any material, including asphalt, concrete, heavily reinforced concrete, natural stone, and brick. We also perform inverted drilling, inverted hydraulic drilling and stitch drilling.
Concrete Demolition And Removal
Request our demolition and removal services when you need to shape or demolish any structure. It includes steel exposure, cutting down pylons and pillars, driveway cutting and suspended demolition. Once the job is complete, we remove and dispose of all debris in a safe, compliant and environmentally friendly manner.
Flush Cutting And Chain Sawing
We’ve invested in the best flush cutting equipment in the industry that can cut to any depth, on roads, flooring or walls. The chainsaws we use have diamond-impregnated chains for flush cutting reinforced concrete, masonry and brick.
Concrete Scanning
Ground penetrating radar is the latest in concrete scanning, allowing us to map and identify what lies inside and beneath concrete slabs. We can locate electrical cabling, conduits and pipes, and steel or post tension cables before even touching the surface.
Hand And Ring Sawing
Hand and ring sawing is used in areas with limited access that traditional equipment can’t reach. It is used in small-scale floor and wall sawing, cutting windows and doorways, as well as for cutting footpath and slab removals, curbs and extension joints.
Road Sawing, Floor Sawing, and Soft Cutting
For large-scale infrastructure and road work, we use the latest road sawing and soft cutting equipment to cut up to 500mm down into asphalt, concrete slabs, and pavements.
Hydraulic and High-Frequency Sawing
Our hydraulic and high-frequency sawing equipment is fume-free, compact, easy to use and manoeuvre and efficient. This fast working and effective machine is perfect for flush cutting, window, and wall penetration, as well as large-scale trenching.
Whether you need a single solution or more than one, SEQ Concrete Cutting is your concrete cutting solution for any size of projects. Contact us today to find out more about our services.