Cost to remove concrete in Brisbane

How much does a concrete removal job cost?

  • The average cost for removing concrete or concrete demolition ranges from $45 – $60 per square metre for most jobs, while it can go a little higher depending on access to the work site and the type of machine required. This only applies when there is access for heavy machinery and for all other concrete removals by hand call us for a quote.

What goes into costing or estimating a concrete removal job?

  • Concrete removal involves different areas for costing. It depends on the amount of concrete to remove along with other matters such as access to the worksite, and if the concrete can be removed by hand or by machine. We also have to consider if cutting is required or if we can just use an excavator – these all go into the costing or estimates for each job.

What are the common reasons for concrete removal?

  • People take on concrete removal services when they are doing home improvement projects such as taking down walls or when their driveway already has deep cracks that can no longer be repaired and is in need of replacement.  Others do it to reclaim much needed yard space, or to simply get rid of a concrete installation such as a pool or patio that they don’t want anymore.

Concrete cancer is also a good reason to do so as the interior steel framework has rusted away. Concrete cancer can lead to cracking.

Can I remove the concrete myself?

  • If it’s a simple small job, the answer is YES. Yes, you can DIY small concrete removal but you would need a variety of tools to make a clean and quick job out of it. Such tools include:
    • A jackhammer/sledge hammer or crowbar
    • Angle grinder
    • Skip
    • Shovel
    • Wheelbarrow or bucket
    • Personal safety equipment such as heavy duty boots, gloves, and eye and ear protection

You also need to really trust your abilities to undertake such a  project to prevent any injury or damage to your property.

Will I need an excavator to remove concrete?

  • You would need an excavator if you need to:
    • Demolish concrete into smaller pieces so you can pull it up
    • Lift sections of the concrete to remove it
    • Dig up foundations, holes, pools and pools

Mini excavators are commonly used in residential or small-scale projects but you need to have professional training on how to operate it. Depending where you are in Australia, you may also need to have a license to use one.

How do I dispose of ripped up concrete?

  • The size of the concrete will dictate how you can dispose of it. Most concrete which has been removed will need to go to a concrete recycler. Given the heavy weight of concrete this will need to be done by truck and loaded with a machine. 

Why choose professional services such as ours?

  • Choosing us here at SEQ Concrete Cutting ensures that your projects are done right and safely the first time. Aside from being a proudly owned homegrown Brisbane and Gold Coast business, we are backed by our years of experience in the industry, especially in the residential, commercial and concrete cutting and drilling services niche. In all our jobs, we make use of modern, state-of-the-art, and totally reliable equipment – this is to ensure the job is done as fast as possible. Likewise, we employ the latest tech and techniques to provide the best job no matter what the size. Our team also goes the extra mile – always! Our friendly, highly qualified and experienced team members are fully insured so that’s also less worry on your part. 

How can we get a quote from you?

  • Getting a quote from us is easy! Give us a call on 0488 661 550 or simply fill out the form here on our site by clicking on the Request A Quote button. You can also get in touch via email – email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!