Concrete Cutting

Precision is one of the key factors to a successful building project, regardless of whether you’re working on a residential or commercial space. It is the same skill that our team prides itself on as professionals in concrete cutting and drilling. 

We’ve long bid farewell to traditional tools like chisel, sledgehammer and the like, and have moved forward with using state of the art concrete drilling and cutting tools. With modern equipment, and trained contractors, projects that require precise cuts and drills are easier and so much faster to complete. 

There are many types of concrete cutting and drilling services that customers can take advantage of. Each service utilises a special tool that is manned by trained contractors to professionally cut through concrete with utmost precision and control.

Cutting and drilling services  depend on the size of concrete and the type of work that needs to be done. It is highly recommended to consult with contactors who can give you advice on what type of service can best deliver the results you want.

If you live in the Brisbane area, these are some of the most important points you need to know about concrete cutting and drilling:

Concrete Cutting Brisbane (Residential and Commercial Properties)

Professional concrete cutting for Brisbane infrastructures is crucial, as elements like the temperature changes especially with the Brisbane weather can affect the sturdiness of concrete. 

Aside from that, concrete cutting can also be used for aesthetic purposes such as flooring and building of new windows and doors. This makes it an important feat in the commercial and residential properties’ renovation projects. 

Each cut has a function in both indoor and outdoor projects. This is why accuracy and control is important when concrete cutting. 

Residential Concrete Cutting Brisbane

Accurate concrete cutting is essential in residential properties especially if the infrastructure is being built from scratch. Concrete cuts have architectural and functional purposes, most popular examples of which are cutting doorways and windows, flooring, and ensuring trip-free doorways. This is why accurate and trained hands along with the right tools are needed for them. 

In case a concrete cutting service is sought as part of a renovation effort for your home, professionals like  our team can use concrete scanners to map out and avoid cabling, conduit and pipes. 

Commercial Concrete Cutting Brisbane

The same aesthetic and functional purposes apply for concrete cutting in commercial spaces. Professional concrete cutters work on your business infrastructure to ensure that each cut fulfills its purpose, regardless of whether it’s done to give your office a new and sturdier floor, or cut out a new window hole in your store. 

In renovation projects, our team more specifically, utilize efficient and environmentally-friendly processes and equipment to make sure that you’d still be able to do business in your building, even when we work on your walls or floor. We can reduce noisy cutting and concrete dust that can be inconvenient for you and your customers.

Concrete Sawing Brisbane

There are many types of concrete sawing services in brisbane. Professional concrete contractors usually utilise a variety of machinery to cut specific masonry for a specific purpose.

Our team has specifically invested in high-quality cutting machines. Each machine has a specific set of cutting abilities, and is selected based on the cutting needs of the project. Here are some of the services we offer using these machines:

Flush cutting and chain sawing 

Our flush cutting equipment is perfect for projects that demand straight cutting on flat surfaces.  With a maximum depth of 410 mm, our concrete chainsaw can be used on corners in walls and partitions.  

It can cut through any surface regardless of whether it’s built using concrete, reinforced concrete, brick or stone. This flush cutting equipment is ideal for cutting on roads, walls,  flooring and even for creating windows among many others.

Hydraulic and high frequency sawing

This machinery can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. It can be used for large-scale trenching, and on window and wall partitions and openings on any infrastructure.  It runs on electricity, which is why it doesn’t emit unpleasant fumes in the area. 

The Hydraulic and high frequency saw  is compact, relatively quiet and easy to maneuver even in locations where ventilation and noise are an issue. It produces a precise cut that, when combined with the skills and accuracy of our staff, can produce really good results on the work surface.

Hand sawing and ring sawing

With a maximum depth of 275 mm, the hand sawing and ring sawing machine is perfect for areas where cutting depth is not a major need.  It’s perfect for projects where sawing tasks involve cutting doorways, windows, small-scale floors and walls, as well as for cutting expansion joints.

Road sawing, floor sawing and soft cutting

This cutting equipment can be used both for outdoor and indoor cutting projects. It can cut through asphalt, concrete slabs, and pavements for up to 50 mm down for outdoor projects, and 375 mm for indoor projects.  It is usually used for large infrastructure and road work. 

Core Drilling Brisbane

We also offer diamond core drilling where we use a machine that can create holes. With a diameter of 12 mm to 1200 mm, it can drill through various construction materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete brick and other masonry.

Our equipment can drill a hole with up to 10,000 mm in depth.  This is why it is often used and sought after in various projects whether it’s residential, commercial and even industrial projects.

Before we work on any core drilling service in the Brisbane area, we make sure to provide comprehensive and rigorous training for our staff to do to ensure that they can accurately and safely do the job. We also use the best safety gear to ensure that our staff can complete the task at hand without unwanted incidents. 

Our drilling services include:

  • Inverted drilling
  • Inverted hydraulic drilling
  • Stitch drilling 

Concrete Removal Brisbane

While we consider ourselves experienced experts in concrete cutting, it could be that you’re not looking for cutting services per se. Perhaps you’re more interested in the concrete removal Brisbane scene as you’re looking to replace the existing concrete on your property. We’re proud to say that concrete removal and demolition is also within the parameters of our expertise. 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we’ve invested in equipment as well as technical and practical knowledge, all so that we can serve you better. We accept all types of projects, whether industrial, commercial, or residential

When it comes to the concrete demolition Brisbane industry, we make sure to stand out above the rest by providing a fast and efficient job, while staying true to our core values and sticking to environmentally-friendly ways. 

We work on both indoor and outdoor removal and demolition projects which included removing concrete driveways, cutting down pillars of infrastructures and conducting suspended demolition. 

We also make sure to do our job in the safest way possible by using top-grade equipment and working gears. We’re fully insured and offer no obligation quotes so customers are safe from any financial tie-ups should accidents occur.

We follow a set of rules and regulations regarding what to do before, during and after a project. We keep our processes fume-free as much as possible, and dispose of debris once we’re done. 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, precision is a crucial element in the construction industry. We take this value very seriously and pair it with industry proficiency in order to give our clients the best services that they can get.

We invested in high-quality materials and equipment to ensure that we can provide more for our clients through our services. Our team values time, which is why we’ve decided to give 24-hour service to our customers. Whether you reach out at day or night, we’ll be there to serve you. 

Our drilling and cutting services were carefully crafted according to the construction needs of our target market in the Brisbane area. The variety of the equipment we use is an attempt to cover all cutting and drilling needs of our clients. 

From our very first year until today, we have dedicated time and effort to keep researching about the best ways to serve our clients. Along the way, we’ve acquired technical and practical skills, and have been able to create a bond with our clients that forges trust. 

The desire to serve our clients better has kept us growing for years. We currently have a team of skilled and experienced contractors who can provide commendable work for any project. We make sure to study and share our client’s vision and try our hardest to execute their ideas. 

Our years in the industry has allowed us to work on various projects in the South East Queensland region, from highway upgrades, development of big supermarkets, and even interstate projects such as the Legacy Way and Airport Link tunnels. 

You can expect us to do more, and accept more concrete drilling and removing projects for various customers. And always strive to do it professionally in the most fast and efficient manner possible. 

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