Do you need a large slab of concrete demolished or removed from your home or business? Our Concrete Demolition and Removal service on the Gold Coast is the answer to your problem. You need the help of a professional team to do that and we happen to be experts in the field! Here are some of the perks of having us do your concrete removal:

  • Well-trained and licensed in concrete removal and demolition
  • We can handle big or small projects with excellent output
  • We cater for different kinds of cutting and removal
  • Easy and no hassle disposal
  • Economical but will never compromise quality

Did you have your concrete surface decorated for so long now and it has already worn down from harsh climate or traffic? Is it faulty from previous sloppy work and you want it replaced? Do you plan on removing or adding space for a renovation? That is what we are here for. At SEQ Concrete Cutting on the Gold Coast, we can handle any big or small projects alike with excellent output. We are economical but at the same time, never compromising the quality of our work. Steel exposure, concrete wall removal or slab demolition, and pilon cut down are just some of the services that we do. If your concrete has deep cracks, slabs are spalling, concrete pushing upward (due to frost heaves), and are sunken, then you really need to have a removal or replacement.

Our Highly-Skilled and Licensed Team

SEQ Concrete Cutting is composed of professionals who are licensed, insured, and well-trained to do exceptional concrete removal work. You’ll never have to worry about safety issues or faulty construction from subpar work. We are committed to making sure that we are compliant of the standards set by the government and that the work we do will be hassle-free on your side. You don’t even have to clean up the debris, we’ll do it for you and haul it all away! No mess, less stress! Let’s talk about your concrete needs and set a time to discuss your plans.

Concrete Removal Pricing and What You’ll Get

We can schedule a time for inspection and have a detailed discussion on the specifics of your project. If you prefer, we can also give you suggestions and recommendations on what is needed to be done. We have a team of helpful and friendly professionals with over 10 years of experience in the industry who are more than willing to answer your inquiries. We also only use equipment for excavation and removal that are of high standard to make sure that we do our work effectively. Normally, we give our clients a cost estimate after the inspection.

Find out why so many clients trust SEQ Concrete Cutting on the Gold Coast for their concreting needs, whether it’s a residential or a commercial property. We offer fast, reliable service at competitive rates! What are you waiting for? Send us a message and get a FREE quotation on our top-notch services!

Still undecided on what kind of concrete service you need?

Here are other services that we offer:

There are a variety of services you can choose from that would suit your current needs. Aside from Removal and Demolition, we also offer other services, namely:

  • Flush Cutting and Chain Sawing
    Max depth: 410mm
    This makes use of chain saws to create precise straight cuts on concrete at any depth. This is best used for cutting concrete areas such as roads, walls, and floors.
  • Diamond Core Drilling
    Max depth: 10,000mm
    This makes use of diamond drills- composed of a diamond studded steel tube mounted on a rotating shaft- to make precisely measured holes.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar – Concrete Scanning
    This is a technology that will give us a high definition quality of visual data. This is used to detect metal, concrete, plastic, and PVC.
  • Hand Sawing and Ring Sawing
    Max depth: 275mm
    This can be applied to pathways, pool surface, and shed slabs. This makes use of quick cuts where there is limited access with not enough room for floor sawing.
  • Hydraulic and High-Frequency Sawing
    This can save time and also has a high level of cutting efficiency. It’s easy-to-use and has minimal noise.
  • Road Sawing – Floor Sawing – Soff Cutting
    This can cut a straight line deeper through concrete, stone, or asphalt up to a significant depth. Our standard saw sizes cut to a maximum depth of 375mm and for outdoor, a maximum depth of 500mm. This can be applied to roadways, pathways, or slabs.
  • Concrete Cutting
    We make use of modern equipment to do our concrete cutting services and to give our clients the best output possible. With 10 years of experience in this industry, we are confident that we can.

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