Diamond Core Drilling Brisbane

  • Specialised diamond core drilling services
  • A variety of materials including concrete, heavily reinforced concrete, natural stone, brick and asphalt
  • Holes range from 12 mm to 1200 mm in diameter to a depth of 10,000 mm
  • Extensive experience in a variety of residential, commercial and large-scale industrial drilling projects
  • Inverted drilling, inverted hydraulic drilling, stitch drilling are available
  • Diamond core drilling equipment is safe, fast and accurate

SEQ Concrete Cutting provides specialised diamond core drilling services in Brisbane, using conventional diamond drills for core drilling a variety of materials including concrete, heavily reinforced concrete, natural stone, brick and asphalt. Holes cored by the drill range from 12 mm to 1200 mm in diameter to a depth of 10,000 mm. We have extensive experience in a variety of residential, commercial and large-scale industrial drilling projects such as electrical, plumbing and HVAC installations. Our state of the art, modern and reliable diamond core drilling equipment is safe, fast and accurate.

Inverted drilling, where the drilling machine must be turned upside down, is available for situations where top-down drilling is not suitable. As it is often not feasible and dangerous to use an electric machine in these situations, we offer inverted hydraulic drilling which eliminates the need for electricity and thus makes for a safe working environment. For projects that require much larger holes or openings to be drilled, we offer stitch drilling which uses a series of overlapping core holes to create the opening required with no limit to the size and shape of the concrete penetrations to be made. Contact us today to discuss your next core drilling project.

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Diamond Core Drilling For Brisbane Businesses

Do I Need Core Drilling?

SEQ Concrete Cutting prides itself on being able to deliver any kind of penetration required under any circumstances. Regardless of whether you are doing basic suspended slab hydraulic plumbing works or need to remove a stress cable from a bridge, we can accommodate your needs.

Core drilling is a limitless way of creating any kind of penetration you require for example if you need to mount props to the ceiling and need bolt holes but can’t get through the steel then core drilling is your answer. If your project needs to run a large diameter storm water/ sewer pipe through any concrete face then core drilling will provide that perfect hole for you without having to require heavy patching techniques needed with other penetration methods. There is no limit to how deep a core drill can go. If you require a core sample from extremely thick concrete ie dam walls, using a continuous core drilling method you will have a smooth sample with the least amount of damage caused by any other method giving you the best possible test results.

Core drilling also allows any construction company to make any opening without the need for overcutting which leaves the remaining material structurally weak.

Regardless of what your project requirements are there will be a core drilling solution for you.

Below are examples of some of the areas or items that we find require our core drilling services:

  • Manholes
  • Culverts
  • Airport runway lighting
  • Nuclear decommissioning
  • Dowell drilling
  • Electrical services
  • Air conditioning and piping
  • Extraction and collection of core samples
  • Underwater holes
  • Stress bar removal
  • Rock anchor penetrations
  • Suspended slab penetrations
  • Hydraulic core holes
  • Termite bait station holes
  • Ram raid bollard installation or repair

Used correctly, diamond core drills are cost-effective and make very little mess in comparison to other means of cutting openings in walls, ceilings, floors or pavements. Using hydraulic drill rigs, SEQ Concrete Cutting performs inverted and underwater drilling. We use equipment and drill attachments of all kinds so that we’re adequately prepared for any job at hand. The tools and machinery we use are state-of-the-art and rely on modern technology to work. We also use a suction base for drilling on flat, finished surfaces so that we don’t need drill anchor holes allowing for things such as seats and tables to be installed in fast food chains and restaurants without the need to replace tiles saving time and money.

Past Project Experience

  • We employed our drilling services in a project that required 70 holes drilled, 450mm deep into soldier piers for rock anchors. This job was completed in four days.
  • We were involved in a building project where the client needed to create 250 balustrade holes for a 12-storey building. This job was completed within four days.
  • We regularly drill chair and table holes in large fast food chains using our suction rigs allowing for a fast and cost effective turnaround.
  • After a section of concrete fell off a suspended ceiling we were engaged to drill 180 bolt holes into the ceiling inverted for large steel posts to be installed. This took 16 hours.
  • We are regularly engaged to drill any kind of core hole and often require holes ourselves when making new doorways and openings in existing concrete structures.

We work closely with trusted construction companies and provide core drilling services on construction sites and architectural building projects. Our services are efficient and cost-effective, delivering what you need with no fuss, no mess and no stress. For reliable and professional diamond core drilling services, contact SEQ Concrete Cutting today.