The Right Tools for Concrete Demolition

The Right Tools for Concrete Demolition

Concrete demolition or removal is one of the jobs we at SEQ Concrete Cutting excel in. It’s a backbreaking job, but we thrive because we have the best team and the right tools for this task. But it can be intimidating especially for those who have no experience in concrete demolition. To demystify the process, check out our blog post on the right tools for concrete demolition.

A tarpaulin, plastic sheet, or dropcloth

If we’re working in a residential property or a commercial building where there are glass windows nearby, then a tarpaulin, plastic, or drop cloth is essential. These sheets protect glass windows, sliding doors, and glass panels from projectiles.


Sledgehammers are used to manually break down concrete slabs into smaller pieces. It’s great for thin or small slabs of concrete, but you’re going to need a different kind of tool if you’re tackling a large driveway or a thick slab.

Jackhammer or a demolition hammer

Thicker concrete slabs require a trusty jackhammer. If we’re using a jackhammer to break a slab into pieces, then rest assured that our team members are wearing ear protection and proper work gloves.

Pry bar

This tool is used to pry a concrete slab loose so it can be taken away and disposed of. If we are removing a footpath or any thin or small slabs of concrete, then we’ll use it to loosen the slab off the ground.

Bolt cutter

Concrete slabs have metal reinforcements underneath and these are revealed the moment the slab is broken. If the metal is thin enough, then we’ll use a handy bolt cutter.

Angle grinder or circular saw

Angle grinder or circular saw 768x576 - The Right Tools for Concrete Demolition

But if the metal reinforcement is so thick, then it’s time to bring out our angle grinder or circular saw

Shovel and wheelbarrow

To get rid of broken slabs, our crew shovels them into wheelbarrows. We also get rid of metal reinforcements that we’ve cut down into pieces this way.

Broom and dustpan

Dust and smaller debris are removed from the jobsite using a good old-fashioned broom and dustpan.


Once everything is cleaned up, our skip will transport it from your home, building, or shop for proper waste disposal.

If you’re looking for concrete demolition services for your property in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, then don’t hesitate to reach out to SEQ Concrete Cutting and we’ll be more than happy to answer all your inquiries. We also provide flush cutting, chainsawing, and concrete scanning services using our state-of-the-art ground penetration radar. Our professional concrete cutters can also provide hydraulic and high-frequency sawing, road sawing, and more.